1. I can hardly contain myself!!!! Eeee!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!!




  3. I wrote Lightning as a working class love song… like one day I’ll be able to give you these things, not because they are so important but because of what they represent, cozy, domestic things, and I’ll be happy each day because that what should be boring with anyone else is just re-occurring good times, washing over us in our warm little cocoon together.




  6. simulated:

    "Mental Wealth" by Chris Cunningham [x]

    (Source: devon-aoki)


  7. too deep 2 tweet


  8. I love this remix


  9. untrustyou:

    Daehyun Kim

    Between the lines, 2014


  10. "I also want society to recognize that there’s humanity behind the billion-dollar industry that it consumes every day."

    -Belle Knox on her work as a porn star

    Another quote from the article, "Knox’s story has shed light, once more, on a double-standard—the person we jerk off to is not supposed to be the same person we take exams with. (Or do anything else with for that matter.)" -Zak Stone